Criminal Defense and Theft Attorneys in Nashville

prison cell

You might be facing charges, and you don’t know what to expect. Regardless of your plea, you have the right to have representation by crime lawyers and law firms. You are also innocent of any crimes, until proven otherwise by a court of law. You need to get the best defense possible, from your representative. Having fully qualified, and with years of experience, I have special merits in the following areas.

Drinking and driving
Domestic violence
Arrests related to assault
Arrests related to theft
Arrests related to using or having drugs

I have successfully handled hundreds of cases in the above fields, and am quite vast with them. As a criminal defense attorney I handle a wide range of charges across a wide range of ages. It is true that you could get a court appointed attorney, but will they be able give you a proper defense. They may be great attorneys, but let’s face it, they have a lot on their plate. This makes it difficult for them to handle your case at a more individual level and thorough manner.

You need someone with your best interests at heart defending you. Many at times, we can settle the case before it even goes to trial. During a criminal case, there are several versions of the truth that are quite different. You therefore have to make your truth, the most viable story in the court room.

There are several defense approaches that you could take when facing charges. Let us take a quick review of them.

1. Insanity defense

For this to work and stick in a courtroom, you need to show the court, that you were not in the right state of mind, at the time of the crime.  You have to present evidence that is convincing and clear, indicating that you have a mental disease or illness. This made you not understand your actions at that time. Using this defense is a little bit risky because you admit to doing the crime, you therefore need to really convince the jury.

2. Duress and Coercion

This basically states that you were forced and threatened in some kind of way. The force doesn’t necessarily have to happen, a simple threat is enough. The threat does not have to be directly inflicted on you, it may be even to friends or family members. You can, however, not use this defense if you put yourself in the situation knowingly.

3. Intoxication

It can help you from time to time, and can negate some elements of a crime committed. It won’t be that effective each and every time, but can be a last resort.

4. Statute of limitations

When a persecution delays in bringing charges, you could defend yourself with the fact that there window to press charges has passed. According to some lawyers you should be cleared of all charges. You may have been arrested for theft, and the persecution may not have solid evidence backing them up. They could take so much time finding evidence, and you might just walk on a technicality referred to as statutes of limitations.

5. Self defense

In this defense, you were trying to save yourself. If you’re charged with, for example, domestic violence, you could argue that your partner instigated the fight, and you were merely trying to stay alive. If you’ve got a good theft attorney you may be able to get away with lesser fines.
There are so many defenses out there. I, however, am the best at what I do. I am capable and ready to help you walk away from any of these charges. Give me a call today and be that much closer to being acquitted of all charges.